About Us

Polly's" A place for family" We are glad you have chosen our restaurant for your meal. We realize have many different dining choices, so we promise to never take your visit for granted.

As we know you will soon discover at Polly's , the emphasis on food-simple honest, lip-smackin' good home cooking.Whether it's fried fish, smothered pork chops or the best homemade rolls to ever grace a plate. Polly has been serving it up for families(either ours or others) for as long as she has been able to hold a frying pan.

A Gift for Cooking

We've asked her she does it , but like a great artist she says she really can't explain the process. "It's just a gift from God" she says. And we given up on asking her for recipes, because we know they don't exist. Indeed Polly has a gift, but one that has been passed down from our ancestors who spent a lifetime making something out of nothing" and who learned early that aa glorious home cooked meal was the most wonderful expression of love. So if you think this food is good, you would have fainted had you ever tasted our Aunt Bib's Turkey wings or Gradma Diaby's fried chicken.....umph , umph, umph, God bless their souls.

Keeping it Real

If we seem a little too friendly ((as in all in your business")don't mind us, we're just keeping it real as they say. This is just the way we grew up, with the family...brothers and sisters, aunts uncles and many friends and neighbor who were in shouting distance-gathering around a plate of ribs, macaroni and cheese and fried chicken., potato salad, collard greens and cornbread, swapping the latest gossip and shooting the breeze. The fact that we own a restaurant now simply means that the kitchen table has gotten a little larger. But while Polly provides the vision and the one -of -a kind flavor for the food , we believe it is the rest of the cast of characters that makes this restaurant a special place. And by you being here, we just assume you are family. So enjoy your visit , make yourself at home and come back to see us soon. At Polly's our mission is simple: to provide the world's best home cooking in a family atmosphere of warmth and love. We'd enjoy your feedback good or bad. In fact we expect you to keep us on track "Cause that's what family members do!"